The City of Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory Committee and Diversity Thunder Bay¬† produce this monthly column in the Chronicle Journal to promote greater understanding of race relations in Northwestern Ontario.
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Column Archive

May 2024 – Canada Should Condemn Israel By Walid Chahal

May 2024 – Inciting Hostility Crosses a Line by Diversity Thunder Bay

March 2024 – Celebrate the Women in Your Life by Jason Veltri

March 2024 – Delorme Seeks Bridge Between World Views by Walid Chahal

January 2024 – Advocacy Vital to Ensure a Better Community for All by Jason Veltri




December 2023 – Historic Day for Bangladesh by Leema Farha

November 2023 – Listen To The Differences by Roopa Rakshit
November 2023 – Rotary Finds Way to Pursue Diversity, Equity, Inclusion by Shelley Crawford
October 2023 – Immigrant Parents Face Challenge by Leema Farha
September 2023 – Embrace the Responsibilities That Come With Relationships by Peter Fergus-Moore
August 2023 – Indigenous Liason at Library Builds More Inclusive Setting by Craig Waboose
July 2023 – Celebrate Our Differences by Zohreh Ebrahimi
June 2023 – Collaborative Arts Community Creates City of Inclusivity by Abhijit Rao
May 2023 – Luso-Canadian Culture Thrives by Julio Heleno-Gomes
April 2023 – Education, Partnerships and Connections Will Make for a Stronger Thunder Bay by Sheena Campbell
March 2023 – It Can Be a Long Journey to Connect with the ‘Other’ by Leema Farha
February 2023 – A Journey From Head to Heart by Walid Chahal
January 2023 – Empower the North by Albert Brule
One City Many Voices
One City Many Voices celebrated 10 years of columns!
On November 30th 2022 there was an in-person event commemorating each article and author. The event also featured a panel discussion and promoted the opportunity to network with researchers from Lakehead University, Confederation College, grassroots organizations, and community leaders!
Coverage of the event can be viewed here:


December 2022 – Multicultural in Every Way by Leema Farha
November 2022 – Celebrate a Decade of Voices by Ian Pattison
October 2022 – Afghan Wedding Brings Hearts Cultures Together by Leema Farha
September 2022 – Researcher from Ukraine Thrives in Move to Lakehead by Thunder Bay CEDC
August 2022 – Bangladeshi Community Vibrant by Leema Farha
July 2022 – When Language Wasn’t Written by Cynthia Nault
May 2022 – Museums Play Important Role by Scott J. Bradley
April 2022 – Community Partners Continue Efforts to Fight Hate Racism by Lee-Ann Chevrette
February 2022 – Bill 21 Wrong for Canada by Jason Veltri
February 2022 – Speaker Talks Reconciliation by Lisa Beckwick
February 2022 – Black People Do Belong Here by Kristen Kowlessar
January 2022 – Social Media Social Responsibility by Stan Legarde


December 2021 – Lessons for Inclusive Spaces by Ayla Ludwig
November 2021 – Our Stories Can Change Lives by Ingrid Green
October 2021 – Reconciliation is a Process by Tiffany Miller
September 2021 – Students Confront History Through Magnus Production by Danielle Chandler
August 2021 – Report Racism to Fight Hatred by Brenda Joy Reimer
July 2021 – Microaggressions Are a Big Deal by Serena Dykstra
June 2021 – Keep Exploring Indigenous History Throughout the Year by Geraldine Kakeeway
June 2021 – Indigenous People Hold Unique Place in Multicultural Society by Lisa Schmidt
June 2021 – An Easy First Step to Inclusion by Tammy Drombolis
June 2021 – Pride Matters More Than Ever by Jason Veltri
May 2021 – Environmental Justice Tackles Systems Built on Inequities by Semie Sama
April 2021 – Local Action fosters inclusivity by Maneet Ahlawat
March 2021 – Wente To Speak at Celebration by Lisa Beckwick
February 2021 – Cultural Shift Adds Diversity by Sharon Bon
January 2021 -Hometown a Happy Place by Annissea Hopkins


December 2020 – Challenge the Way You Think by Kris Tonkens
November 2020 – Look Back So We Can Move Ahead Together by Tanis Thompson
October 2020-Poetry and Stories Build Anti-Racism Understanding by Annette Pateman
September 2020 – Serving Humanity an Important Practice for Sikhs by Neena Lamba
August 2020 – Let’s Celebrate Achievements of Refugees In Canada by Donna White
July 2020 – Champions of Respect Honoured by Jason Veltri
June 2020 -June an Important Month for Filipino Community by Jerome Padua
June 2020 – Uncomfortable Conversations Can Lead to Constructive Action by Jonathan Erua
May 2020 – Front-Line Warriors Give Us Hope by Roopa Rakshit
April 2020 -There Will Always Be Newcomers by Miriam Wall
March 2020 -Revealing Misdeeds Essential to Protect the Most Vulnerable by Margaret Wanlin
February 2020 – Raptors Superfan Bhatia To Speak On Discrimination by Lisa Beckwick

January 2020 -Strong Connection in City’s Black Population by Colleen Peters


December 2019 – Add your voice to the diversity conversation by Roopa Rakshit

November 2019 – Names break the ice as we learn about each other by Yuk-Sem Won

October 2019 – Refugees Big Dreams Come True At Lakehead University by Kevin Brooks

September 2019 – Theatre gives insight by exploring lives we haven’t lived by Noel Jones

August 2019 – The beauty of dual citizenship by Sanjida Rashid

July 2019 – City is Evolving by Laura Fralick

June 2019 – Women of the well by Donna White

May 2019 – Social bridges built with food in Culture Kitchen by Airin Stephens

April 2019 -Progress for Women Good for All by Chloe Poulin

March 2019 -Food Sovereignty Vital to Create First Nations Food Security by Levkoe & McLaughlin

February 2019 -Talaga Brings Message of Hope to Diversity Celebration by Lisa Beckwick

February 2019 -Bengali Language Movement Resonates in all Tongues by Nahid Anee

January 2019 -Roundtable Feedback Helps Federal Anti-racism Strategy by Patty Hajdu


December 2018 – Business Can Lead The Way To Support Diverse Community by Donna Yocom

November 2018 -Tapestry Women Build Connections, Celebrate Diversity by Roopa Rakshit

October 2018 -Local Church Embraces Diversity In Growing Congregation by Deborah Kraft

September 2018 -We Should All Feel At Home by Dreeni Geer

April 2018 -Better World Emerges Without Domination By One Culture by Paul Pugh

March 2018 -Reporting Racism Among Small Steps Being Taken by Brenda Reimer

February 2018 -Homeless To Harvard by Lisa Beckwick


December 2017 – From Different Pasts to a Common Future by W. Wang and H. Zhao

December 2017 – Everyone Deserves Respect by Brandon Walker

September 2017 – For the Good People of Thunder Bay by Reg Jones

August 2017 – Languages To Unite, Not Divide by Roopa Rakshit

July 2017 – Cultural Diversity, Respect Can Add Much To Our Lives by Brenda Reimer

June 2017 – Acting On Discomfort by Shawn Carney

May 2017 – A United Front by Robyn Medicine

April 2017 – Leaders Without Titles Needed To Champion Respect by Lee-Ann Chevrette

February 2017 – Warrior for Indigenous People to Speak at 11th DTB Breakfast by Lisa Beckwick


November 2016 – Be Outraged By Racism, Not Terms by Ayoub Ansari

October 2016 – Defeating the Trolls by Carling Vescio

August 2016 – How Youth Can End Racism by Laura Fralick

June 2016 – No Pork For Me, Thanks by Anna Meer

May 2016 – Great Leaders Earn Respect

April 2016 – The Unity Project by Precious Anderson

March 2016 – We Are All Immigrants by Paul Pugh

February 2016 – Lewis To Speak at Breakfast by Lisa Beckwick

January 2016 – Power and the Responsibility of Privilege by Chelsea Nagy


December 2015 – New Name, Same Focus Anti-Racism by Amina Abu-Bakare

November 2015 – Let’s Start Those Difficult Conversations by Robyn Pepin

October 2015 – Justice Denied, Again by Rawnda Abraham

September 2015 – We Have To Be In The Welcome Business by Cathy Woodbeck

April 2015 – Biases Kick In by Joyce Hunter

February 2015 – One To Watch by Lisa Beckwick

January 2015 – Work Together For A Unified City by Jerri-Lynn Orr


December 2014 – Teachers As Learners by Martha Moon

November 2014 – Metis Culture Emerges in Art by Lucy Fowler

October 2014 – The Metis A Unique Culture Alive and Well by Bryanna Scott

August 2014 – Racism, Words and Intent by Brianne Vescio

July 2014 – Building a Bright Future by Dr Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux

June 2014 – Reflect Today on the Meaning of Diversity, Respect by Michelle Mckenzie Lander

May 2014 – Through the Mouths of Children by Taina Maki Chahal

April 2014 – Youth Movement Most Dynamic Ever by Jacqueline Dyck

March 2014 – Stereotypes, Generalizations Can Be Hateful by Vince Simon

February 2014 – Gaza Doctor by Lisa Beckwick

January 2014 -Be an Ally by Paul Berger


December 2013 -Anti-Racism Work Continues by Amina Abu-Bakare

September 2013 – My Thunder Bay -A Diverse Community by Brenda Reimer

August 2013 -Curbing Racism Takes Effort, Co-operation by Paul Pugh

July 2013 – Idle No More Waters Are Stirring by Robert Horton

May 2013 – You, Your Neighbourhood Part of Evolving City by Rebecca Johnson

April 2013 – The End Game by Sandi Boucher

March 2013 – Neutrality and Racism What Can Journalists Do by Paul Berger

February 2013 – A Wall of Prejudice and Its Offspring, Racism by Aqsa Manawar

January 2013 – They Are Watching Us by Vince Simon


November 2012 – Somewhere Between Brown and White by Rikka Berkan

October 2012 – All Better Off Appreciating What Each Other Contributes by Paul Pugh

August 2012 – Welcome to the Purple-Striped and Pink-Spotted by Gurleen Chahal

July 2012 – Tappng Into the Global Mindset by Amina Abu-Bakare

June 2012 – Examine How Inequalities Get Reproduced by Walid Chahal

May 2012 – History Records Contributions of Many Peoples by Paul Pugh

April 2012 – All the Colours Have Teachings To Share by Sandi Boucher

April 2012 – Respect For All Begins at Home by Ann Magiskan

February 2012 – Treaties Complex But Must Be Respected by N. Crowe and K. Drake