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The City of Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism Advisory Committee Chronicle-Journal Column Archive
Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism Advisory Committee produces this monthly column to promote greater understanding of race relations in Northwestern Ontario.

September 2018 – We should all feel at home by Dreeni Geer

March 2018 – Reporting racism among small steps being taken by Brenda Reimer

February 2018 – Homeless-to-Harvard activist to speak at celebration breakfast by Lisa Beckwick

December 2017 – From different pasts to a common future by Wendy Wang and Heran Zhao

September 2017 – For the good people of Thunder Bay by Reg Jones

August 2017 – Languages to unite, not divide by Roopa Rakshit

July 2017 – Cultural diversity, respect can add much to our lives by Brenda Reimer

June 2017 – Acting on Discomfort by Shawn Carney

May 2017 – A United Front by Robyn Medicine

April 2017 – ‘Leaders without titles’ needed to champion respect by Lee-Ann Chevrette

February 2017 – ‘Warrior’ for indigenous people to speak at 11th Diversity Thunder Bay breakfast by Lisa Beckwick

November 2016 – Be outraged by racism, not terms by Ayoub Ansari

October 2016 – Defeating the trolls: Promote inclusion and acceptance on social media by Carling Vescio

August 2016 – How youth can end racism by Laura Fralick

June 2016 – No pork for me, thanks by Anna Meer

May 2016 – Great leaders earn respect by Robyn Pepin

April 2016 – The Unity Project by Precious Anderson

March 2016 – We are all immigrants by Paul Pugh

February 2016 – Lewis to speak at breakfast by Lisa Beckwick

January 2016 – Power and the responsibility of privilege by Chelsea Nagy

December 2015 – New name, same focus: Anti-racism by Amina Abu-Bakare

November 2015 – Let’s start those difficult conversations by Robyn Pepin

October 2015 – Justice Denied, Again? by Rawnda Abraham

September 2015 – We have to be in the welcome business by Cathy Woodbeck

April 2015 – Even when suppressing them, biases kick in by Joyce Hunter

February 2015 – One to Watch by Lisa Beckwick

January 2015 – Work together for a unified city by Jerri-Lynn Orr

December 2014 – Teachers as leaders by Martha Moon

November 2014 – Metis culture emerges in art by Lucy Fowler

September 2014 – The Metis: A unique culture alive and well by Bryanna Scott

August 2014 – Racism, words, and intent by Brianna Vescio

July 2014 – Building a bright future by Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux

June 2014 – Reflect today on the meaning of diversity, respect by Michelle McKenzie Lander

May 2014 – Through the mouths of Children by Taina Maki Chahal

April 2014 –  Youth Movement ‘most dynamic ever’ by Jacqueline Dyck

March 2014 – Stereotypes, Generalizations Can Be Hateful by Vince Simon

February 2014 – ‘Gaza Doctor’ to speak at Diversity Breakfast by Lisa Beckwick

January 2014 – Be an Ally: Unlearn Racism, Work Against It by Paul Berger

December 2013 – Anti- racism Work Continues by Amina Abu-Bakare

November 2013 – Racism. Bullying. Stereotyping. What’s the Difference? by Don Lewis

October 2013 –  New Indian Friendship Centre to be Youth-Inclusive by Andy Wolff

September 2013 – Muslim Community Interacts by Keith Hobbs

August 2013 – Curbing Racism Takes Effort, Co-operation by Paul Pugh

July 2013 – Idle No More Waters Still Stirring by Robert Horton

June 2013 – Embrace Diversity, It’s More Rewarding Than You Think by Michelle Lander

May 2013 – You, Your Neighbourhood Part of Evolving City by Rebecca Johnson

April 2013 – The End Game… by Sandi Boucher

March 2013 – Neutrality and Racism – What Can Journalists Do? by Paul Berger

February 2013 – A Wall of Prejudice and Its Offspring, Racism by Aqsa Munawar

January 2013 – They Are Watching Us by Vince Simon

December 2012 – Music Unites Us by Andy Wolff

November 2012 – Somewhere Between Brown and White by Rikka Berkan

October 2012 – All Better Off Appreciating What Each Contributes by Paul Pugh

September 2012 – My Thunder Bay – A Diverse Community by Brenda Reimer

August 2012 – Welcome to the Purple-striped and Pink-spotted by Gurleen Chahal

July 2012 – Tapping Into the Global Mindset by Amina Abu-Bakare

June 2012 – Examine How Inequalities Get Reproduced by Walid Chahal

May 2012 – History Records Contributions of Many Peoples by Paul Pugh

April 2012 – All the Colours Have Teachings to Share by Sandi Boucher

March 2012 – Respect for All People Begins at Home by Ann Magiskan

February 2012 – Treaties Complex But Must Be Respected by Nicole Crowe & Karen Drake

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