Coming Together To Talk Abridged Report

June 11, 2021

Comming Together To Talk Abridged Report

This paper aims to highlight the main points of a report produced by youth about a project initiated by Diversity Thunder Bay (DTB) in 2019 at Lakehead University, which involves high school students in a day event to discuss serious issues facing youth in our city. The report is produced by 32 youth editors and compiled by the RMYC past President Wendy Wang (see Acknowledgements page 26). The topics that were discussed in this project Coming Together to Talk with Youth – A Community Conversation of Hopewere chosen based on a film titled “Coming Together to Talk” produced by Michelle Derosier of Thunderstone Pictures.

The paper summarizes the main points raised in these discussions, especially the ones revolving around the issue of safe spaces in Thunder Bay, and what youth propose as solutions and recommendations on how to improve youth safety within the city. By drawing on the thoughts generated by youth on topics such as discrimination, reconciliation, youth safety, social skills and meaningful work, the city will have a valuable source of information about youth and their experiences and their safety in our community.