A Community of Acceptance

September 15, 2020

Aboriginal peoples and visible minorities face racism in Thunder Bay, according to a new
study issued by Diversity Thunder Bay. Racism has a significant impact on social cohesion in
Thunder Bay, hindering cooperation, quality of life, and participation by various population
sectors. Most of the racializing takes the form of subtle and marginalizing social practices
although blatant racism does exist. Retail establishments, police services, employment sector,
schools and post-secondary institutions were the most prominent sites of racializing. Social
practices operated differently in these different locations.
The study consisted of 392 community surveys and interviews with 45 people over a
three-month period between October and December 2001. Diversity Thunder Bay is a coalition,
including representatives from many organizations spanning business, education, government,
multi-cultural, First Nations, and other sectors. The project was funded
through the Multiculturalism Program of the Department of Canadian

REPORT SUMMARY A Community of Acceptance Respect for Thunder Bays Diversity 2001

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