Strategic Plan

DIVERSITY THUNDER BAY 2018 ACTION PLAN - "Working to Change Our Community"
Updated January 6, 2018

MISSION: Diversity Thunder Bay works towards an inclusive, equitable community free of racism and discrimination of any kind.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Diversity Thunder Bay believes that Thunder Bay should be a welcoming and safe place for individuals and groups regardless of: race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, class, creed, sex, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, education, marital status, family status or disability.


1. To develop partnerships with other community organizations to work on broader issues of diversity.

2. Diversity Thunder Bay will strive to have a membership that is a true reflection of Thunder Bay’s population.

3. To develop and provide feedback on local issues and/or activities that will further Diversity Thunder Bay's Guiding Principles.

4. To encourage Diversity Thunder Bay member organizations to become more inclusive of diverse groups in Thunder Bay.

5. To undertake initiatives that will improve diversity and inclusion in Thunder Bay.

6. To share information, network and offer mutual support to municipal, regional, provincial, national and international groups who are interested in the areas of diversity and inclusion.
7. To support the work of the City of Thunder Bay Anti-Racism and Respect Committee.








1) Engage youth in future of the community

Assist with advocating to provide seed money to neighbourhood communities for youth projects

2) Unity Project   (Leadership Thunder Bay)

Review report from project;    Review recommendations – May 2018

3) School Boards

Work on issues related to racism and discrimination


4)   Workshops


5)   Wider Diversity Role (Cory Jesseau – lead)

Investigate actions to be taken to broaden this role to address members interests -

6)   Speakers at Meetings

Identify speakers/months that will attend to make presentations at Diversity Thunder Bay meetings

AGM – View Film “Coming Together to Talk” – Ardelle Sagucheway (invited City Council/City senior administration)

YSI – Youth Social Infrastructure Collaboration – Mariah Wigwas -

January; United Way – January (Sandra Albertson/Sage Laliberte)

7) Truth & Reconciliation Report

Ongoing review and implementation of recommendations



8) Social   Media


Anna Torontow - coordinator

Define who DTB is and what we do.    Create a brochure

Increase presence on social media


9) Future leadership

Encourage members to sit on Working Groups

Attract new members to the organization

Explore new members on 2019 Executive




10) Website:


Lisa Owens – website manager

Information for the website to be forwarded to website manager

Continually review the content of the site.   Update with current activities, etc.

Develop a new website (Tina Tucker to look into a sponsor)

11) Promotional material

Update supplies as required – Frisbee, pens, brochure, pull-up banner, sticker (I am a member of DTB)

Use at Breakfast.     Host an exhibit space - sign up new members.

12) Dedicated photographer for various events

Lee-Ann Chevrette – March Breakfast

13) Incident Reporting and Referral   Initiative


People to register racist and/or discriminatory incidents with a system for following up and a way of tracking incident numbers through 211.   

Partnership with the Anti-Racism & Respect Committee.    Launched June 27, 2017.   DTB supported with $3,500.for marketing.    

14) Community Leadership


Encourage MP’s. MPP’s, City Council to speak on behalf of anti-racism matters/issues

15) “One City – Many Voices” column in Chronicle Journal

Michelle Lander - Coordinator

Identify writers for monthly column

Place on the website

16) Roundtable at meetings

Network opportunity to provide information on various organization’s Diversity work

17) Public Education & Advocacy Working Group

Examine potential of establishing this working group in conjunction with AR&R Committee.  

18) Broadcast Information on Diversity initiatives

Secretary receives and then distributes various information to the membership – used as a communication network

19) Annual budget
Develop annually and have approved at the AGM
20) Funding Applications
Review as they are received
21) respect. award
Financially sponsor the award ($250.)   Present at Diversity Breakfast.  



22) March 21 Breakfast


Organize the annual breakfast as a signature event for DTB.

Develop program, hire a coordinator, deliver the program, evaluate the event and report on outcomes

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 – Victoria Inn – $25.00 – Toni Morgan guest speaker “Access & Equity:   Human Rights in Practice”

Provide list of sponsors to DTB meetings

Promote membership at the Diversity Breakfast with applications on tables and when registering for the Breakfast.

23) Community events

Respond to invitations

24) City of Thunder Bay Anti-Racism & Respect Committee


Exchange of meeting minutes between the two organizations and develop possible areas of collaboration.   Hold a joint meeting with the Committee once annually.   Hold a meeting with two executives to discuss working relationship and partnerships in activities/etc. annually.  

25) City of Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council


Reports to be made at DTB meetings on activities as available.

Keep updated on activities particularly related to Hate Campaign

26) respect. initiative


Promote the use of respect. buttons, etc. at DTB events

27) Relationship with ICCAR - formerly CCMARD.  

International Coalition of Cities Against Racism


Continue relationship with organization.

Discuss two commitments monthly until complete.

Provide DTB reports to ICCAR – national organization  

28) Police Services Aboriginal Liaison Committee


Cathy Woodbeck to update DTB as a representative on the Police Services Aboriginal Liaison Committee

29) Ontario Human Rights Commission


Work with the Commission in their endeavours related to local issues and initiatives

30) Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition



31) Ontario Network of Employment Skills Training Projects – ONESTEP Embracing Inclusion Project  

Angela Connors, Project Manager  

Participate in webinars and other educational opportunities.

Kitchen Conversations – Friday, September 29 – 8 attended

Kitchen Conversations Advisory Committee

32) Relationship with Canadian Race Relations Foundation


33) Thunder Bay Public Library

Develop a respectful smudging policy (tie in with Library)

34) SAGE

SAGE - review their Racism Study and proposed program

Jodi Kurzhals

35) United Way




Sage Laliberte, Indigenous Liaison Intern

Project “Diversity Counts” – Facilitate a community engagement project focusing on reducing racism and discrimination.   To generate a better understanding of what steps have already been taken and what actions and projects can be implemented through partnerships amongst like-minded individuals and groups.

36) Regional Multicultural Youth Council   - RMYC

Assist with funding application; work with Kairos

37) Black History Month

Assist with funding application - $300

38) Muslim Students Association

Assist with funding application - $300

39) Racialized Young Professionals

Assist with funding application - $350

40)Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate

Attended first provincial conference – December 1, 2018

Align work with the new Ontario Anti-Racism 3 Year Strategic Plan – “A Better Way Forward”

41) Executive Committee
Oversees the organization’s operations:
Establish monthly meeting dates; write letters as required; take minutes at meetings; prepare an annual report; make name plates for members for meeting use; oversee financial sustainability; review applications for financial support and make recommendations; update strategic action plan regularly; send out information as requested by and to members;
develop an annual budget for approval of members; report on membership.
Meetings booked for 2018 in the McNaughton Room, City Hall:
January, February, April, May, June, September, October, November.       AGM – November 2018
42) Membership
Annual membership fee - $20.00
Annual invoices in January
2015 – 14 individuals and 34 organizations (48)
2016 – 14 individuals and 31 organizations (45)
2017 – 19 individuals and 35 organizations (54)
2018 -   19 individuals and 35 organizations (54)
43) Members chair monthly meetings
Various members undertake this responsibility



Executive:       Walid Chahal – Co-Chair   -   Rebecca Johnson – Co-Chair

Brenda Reimer – Secretary; Cory Jesseau – Treasurer

Committee Facilitators:   Lisa Beckwick; Carol Rusak - Breakfast; Ellen Chambers - Education. & Communication

Serve as the public voice for DTB.   Generally meet in the months of January, May and August

Breakfast:       Lisa Beckwick and Carol Rusak – Co -Facilitators

Maneet Ahlawat; Sandra Albertson; Walid Chahal; Lee-Ann Chevrette; John DeGiacomo; Charla Robinson; Tina Tucker    

Pat Forrest – Coordinator

Breakfast acknowledging the International Day for the Elimination of racial Discrimination as established by the United Nation, March 21

Communication & Education:       Ellen Chambers – Facilitator

Walid Chahal; Leslie Hynnes; Elizabeth Pim; Brenda Reimer; Anna Torontow

To connect the larger community through the website, Facebook and other social media.    Meetings are held as required for the advancement of the work undertaken by the Working Group. To undertake research and liaise with other community organizations/groups re the Truth & Reconciliation report and organize a strategy and public event in 2017 which could include a speaker to examine future direction regarding the recommendations.

Incident Reporting Initiative:       Brenda Reimer – Facilitator

Serene Essex; Moffat Makuto; Robyn Medicine; Brenda Reimer;   Carol Rusak

To develop and implement a reporting mechanism in conjunction with the City of Thunder Bay Anti-Racism & Respect Committee to identify specific issues of racism and in a future phase all forms of discrimination.    Incidents to be reported through 211.

Public Education & Advocacy:       Facilitator

To examine ways to educate the greater public about Diversity Thunder Bay and its work and advocate as required supporting the priorities, the mission and objectives.    Work with the City of Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism & Respect Committee.

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